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Britney Spears also failed to get into the club, because she did not follow one of the basic rules

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

During the day, you will probably pass by this building more often. Outside, it looks like an old power plant surrounded by a solitary supermarket and communist architecture.

But when you come here on the weekends, you see a completely different world. This place becomes a mecca for lovers of rave and electronic music, as well as a safe haven for anyone who enters to fulfill sexual fantasies.

It is the best non-club in Europe: Berhain in Berlin.

Some of the most popular magazines in the world, such as New York News i Rolling stone, they called him the best clubs in the world, and is known for countless stories that include drugs, sex, and amazing techno, mostly because he has the strongest music system in the world.

We could also argue that the club is equally known for its (non) trajectory policy, i.e.. selection of people in the club, which has nothing to do with them either. Tanije, people can wait hours to finally take them to the door, without a word of explanation.

And even celebrities are not immune to this policy, so it is known that in early 2017, Britney Spears was denied entry because she was not wearing proper footwear.

In that Paradise on three floors, which opened in 2004, is not easy ui. It is named after its location in East Berlin, between the popular districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichhain.

From Friday evening to Monday morning, this place of hypnotic mass, to such an extent that some decide to remain closed all the time in this concrete labyrinth, known among the greatest fans as

Rules, which in the end bear fruit

Mirrors are forbidden in simple toilets and in poor condition, so that people are not afraid of their reflections after hours and hours of partying, but also so as not to discourage the father among individuals. Surrounded by ice, this building consists of Berhain, Panorama Bar and Sex den Lab.

One part only exists for homosexuals, so men must take off and leave their clothes in a bag before entering.

Celebrities spend Easter there Snax club, and takes place, exclusively for men, sex party and fetish throughout the weekend. Another well-known Berghain is so famous dark rooms in which password sex takes place who with whom he arrives and in which the rules do not apply.

It is not only the secrecy that arouses interest in this club, but also the most famous DJs in the world who come to perform in this subversive attraction of Berlin, but also the fact that it is really difficult to get past the goalkeeper.

The door is an icon of Berghain

Goalkeeper Sven Marquardt is a legend as great as Berghain himself. Full of tattoos and piercings, it is a kind of Berlin venue famous people and pioneered the establishment of the rules “of persons authorized to enter.”

There are numerous blogs and tips to do and avoid to increase your chances of entering Berghain.

There’s even an app that lets you know about the length of the line and how fast it moves at any given time. Some of the tips are not to talk while waiting (especially not in English), keep your cell phone and not behave like a tourist.

The tikle is outside, the black is inside, the minimalist mink is preferred and feel free to leave the sequins at home. If you manage to get in, know that there is a zero tolerance rate for any camera, and if they catch you trying to take a selfie or take a picture of the surroundings, they will kick you out immediately.

In any case, remember that this is a place where you do not want to interfere with decision makers, but all those who managed to get to the end, said that all the inconvenience and compliance with the rules, even strong rejections, in the end – pay for its fruit, cake New York Post.

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