While police “boasted” of finding the stolen image, Picasso fell to the ground VIDEO – News – Life

Greek police found a painting “Woman’s Head” by Pablo Picasso, stolen 9 years ago in the National Gallery of Athens. During the press conference, however, bad luck happened to the police.

Source: B92

Illustration: Profimedia

Illustration: Profimedia

Presenting to the press what they discovered, police officers displayed two images. One of them – Pablo Picasso’s “Woman’s Head”, slipped from the table where he was and fell to the ground.

The Greeks finally found Picasso’s painting worth 16 million euros

One of the cops picked it up quickly and it looks like the paint, thankfully, suffered no damage.

Police also found a painting from Pete Mondrian’s 1905 Windmill.

Both paintings were stolen from the National Gallery in Athens in 2012.

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