What Is Hospitality Consultancy?

Few general These reasons will help you understand why they are good for your hotel business. A consultant must understand whether he/she has what it takes to solve the problem, make necessary improvements and seek out help when needed. It is the role of the consultant to “feel” the situation and make a preliminary diagnosis at the first meeting. Always acting with integrity and in best interest of the client The expansion of the company’s customer base and the market segment.
Hospitality management consultants are top-grade advisors, assisting hotels with projects managing change, optimizing operations, and generally improving the profitability and overall health of the property, hotel group, or portfolio. We all know that there are hospitality consultants and that they can bring expertise to any hotel. However, we often don’t know when or what they can do for us. Adding fuel to the fire, we think we often load tons of work onto our hospitality teams who are already being overworked.
I had attempted to make my own action plan, but it was difficult to follow through. Alison was the first person I met through a program she was involved in. But, when I needed help revising my action plan, Alison was there to help. I found her very insightful, clear and supportive of my business. We realized that the Charity had to change its way of functioning and looking. As an established Charity in the area, we were to a large part still not widely known, and we had the ambition to grow into visible premises and offer a lot more services. We cannot express our gratitude enough to Alison for her support and guidance. She helped us take our business to a higher level, which resulted in increased revenue, profit and footfall. Alison is a great choice if you are looking for someone who can combine a deep understanding of how profitable businesses work with a positive and inspiring approach (you won’t find a better cheerleader to you and your company),
Today we will be discussing the responsibilities of an externe hotel consulting firm, and the tasks it undertakes in order to ensure our hotel achieves its objectives. Grant Thornton provides advisory, tax and audit services across a range industries. Its specialized hospitality team advises casinos, cruise lines, and hotels on business growth and digital transformation, as well as issues such cybersecurity, pricing, supply chain M&A and regulatory compliance. The firm’s broad expertise makes it ideal for complex projects that have many interdependencies.

This can be a great method to gain new connections and opportunities for the independent hotel/resort. Hotel Tech Report, the largest online community dedicated to technology insights and digital transformation strategies for the huge hotel industry, serves over 145,000 hoteliers per month. We equip hotel managers and owners with the tools they need in order to use modern digital technologies to solve real-world business problems. Horvath’s whitepaper, “The anatomy of a hotel manager agreement”, is one of the most recent insights. fielstays concept by Fielmente is a useful and timely resource to help owners and operators avoid conflict.
A consultant can give advice or provide training on revenue management. They will conduct the above-mentioned investigations and make recommendations to improve certain areas in order to increase sales and profits in the hotel. Periodic reviews of management, evaluations of staff and customer opinions, and link with third parties will all be done to review the hotel’s management. Michels & Taylor’s hotel databank is extensive, global, and has a team that constantly develops and scrutinizes cutting-edge information from a variety o industry sources. This allows for accurate benchmarking of your business’ performance, as well as monitoring historical, current, and potential trends to help you formulate your strategy options.

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