We start fasting and eating more fish, but still not enough

Boini’s fasting begins, among other things, the time of year when fish is eaten. Rarely are those who follow the advice of nutritionists and have fish on their table at least twice a week.

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Photo: Jacek Chabraszewski / Shutterstock

Photo: Jacek Chabraszewski / Shutterstock

There are two figures on how much fish citizens of Serbia eat on average each year, says the guest of the morning program, Dr. Zoran Markovi, professor of fisheries at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. Official data show that on average they eat five kilograms, and according to unofficial data, about seven kilograms per capita.

“How much should it be? Many times more. At least four times, that is, about thirty kilos a year. Or if it is not so much, then at the level of the European average, which is between 23 and 24 kilograms per capita, ”explains Professor Markovi.

That is why, despite all the benefits that we use so few fish in our diet, the professor thinks that there are three basic reasons. First of all, the absence of habit, because our diet is mainly based on the meat of warm-blooded animals.

“The second reason is that the net price is higher than unjustifiably expected. For example, to raise an edible trout in Serbia, it takes an average of a year and a half. To raise the edible trout, three years. For the edible chicken, it is enough from 40 to 45 days, “said interlocutor Ivana Milenkovi.

The third reason, according to the professor, is that it is not popular enough and the use of fish in the diet is recommended.

How to recognize quality fish

Fish meat is a rich source of protein, contains little fat, has mineral ingredients and vitamins A and D that are necessary for growth, development and intellectual work.

The quality of the fish is usually accompanied by a high price, but it does not necessarily mean that the fish are more expensive and of lower quality. Squash is, so to speak, an exceptional meal, and is especially available to everyone.

When we need to decide which fish to buy, the professor advises that it is always better alive than fresh, fresh than frozen and frozen fish than canned fish.

If we choose all fish, the meat should be consistent, and the eyes should be clear to ensure it is fresh. If we can touch it, if the finger comes back immediately, it means that the tone is good and that it is fresh, if there is a dent, it means that it is not. If certain white filaments are stretched over the circles, it is a sign that it is not cool because the circles should be clearly red, like blood.

“When it comes to frozen fish, then we have confidence in who sells the fish to us. There is a possibility of making a mistake, because we can not visually assess the freshness,” notes Dr. Markovi.

However, everything that is imported, including food of fish origin, must pass the control of competent institutions, such as the Institute of Hygiene and Meat Technology in Belgrade.

Pond fish or open water?

The quality of the fish depends mainly on the water in which it lives and the name of the fish it feeds on.

“In the Aran fish, which are the most common in our country, the aran feeds on eels that are not for other uses or are fed quality extruded food. Such fish that are extruded food grade is of much higher quality, ”the professor added. .

In the case of fish caught by open water, their quality depends only on whether they live in the water itself or are contaminated. So if it is from the same water, it has an advantage over aquaculture fish.

As with other foods, cooking or cooking is recommended for fish. Washing is best avoided.

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