“We don’t know anything yet” – Serbian doctor on the combination of seasonal flu and coronavirus VIDEO

The first cases of flurone, co-infection with seasonal flu and coronavirus, appeared in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: TV Prva

Photo: Printscreen TV First

Photo: Printscreen TV First

What are the dangers of flurone and is there a reason to fear in Serbia? Holidays are in full swing, as is the pandemic. As soon as we thought the situation was calming down, there was a further increase in the number of those infected.

“We have already experimented and seen that we have 5,000, according to the geometric progression, now everyone will infect one more, that is 10,000, and the numbers will probably go away, looking at Europe and Greece up to 50,000,” said Dr. Moma Jakovljevic . for TV Prva.

In addition to the fact that numbers are growing at a rapid pace, there was also fear of a “twin epidemic,” i.e. a combination of coronavirus and seasonal flu, which would lead to an additional burden on the health system. However, there is still not enough knowledge about flurones.

“I don’t know who is responsible for these new diseases, but we don’t know anything. As time goes on, there must be some 10,000-100,000-million people infected in science, to understand how someone is behaving.” What are the symptoms to It has already come to the conclusion that everyone, doctors and people, have contradicted statements in the press, so it is better for everyone to decide for themselves whether to go to mass meetings where there are many people or wait for the situation to calm down. I mean, I don’t know what to tell you, ”says the doctor.

The Omicron strain continues to spread throughout the country. Symptoms from which it is recognized are coughing and runny nose. And are we afraid of the growing number of infected people in Serbia?

No one cares about almost two years, but the fact is that we should not even relax and it is up to us if the pandemic ends soon. Vaccination, accountability to oneself and others are the way to a “new-old” life.

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