We asked you if you were going skiing – more than half voted for an option

Photo: Shutterstock / borevina

Photo: Shutterstock / borevina

The beginning of the winter season is approaching, and with it is the time to prepare boots and skis.

There is almost nothing more beautiful than the winter idyll in the mountains. All true winter lovers say they would always change ten summers for one winter.

Like last year, the epidemiological situation is uncertain, so we do not know if and under what conditions we will be able to travel abroad.

However, we wanted to find out if you planned to conquer the mountain tops and unpack your ski equipment during the upcoming winter season, or if you’re more into the warmer regions.

More than half of the survey participants, up to 530 readers, said they would not go skiing this year.

Photo: Printscreen / B92.net

Photo: Printscreen / B92.net

On this occasion, a small group of skiers is made up of 237 of you, of whom 127 participants said they planned to spend the winter abroad, and 110 participants indicated that they would conquer the peaks of the mountains of Serbia this season. .

84 respondents admitted that they still like the warmer regions and do not think about skiing.

She was the least undecided by the current situation (43 votes).

Were you surprised by the results of these surveys? Write to us in the comments and ask the skiers to tell us where they plan to ski this season

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