Vaccines are 30 times more dangerous than vaccines

The fantasy is that the virus and vaccines were created in the lab at the same time. It is a moral obligation to receive the vaccine, says the famous doctor, academic Vladimir Kanjuh.

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Illustration / Photo: EPA / SHAHZAIB AKBER

Illustration / Photo: EPA / SHAHZAIB AKBER

Vladimir Kanjuh (92), world-renowned cardiovascular pathologist and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), warns that a new wave of coronavirus pandemic will threaten us very soon if the number of vaccinated citizens does not grow.

In the scientific paper “15 Questions and 15 Answers on Humanity’s Fight Against Kovid 19 and Future Most Dangerous Viral Pandemics,” which is just finished, Kanjuh states that the crown delta strain – currently the most dominant in the world – it is much more contagious than the British. , i.e. it is contagious much less virus germs are needed than before.

He cites Sydney as an example, where people get infected within seconds, passing each other in closed shopping malls.

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Dangerous mutations

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

The delta strain has mutated several times already, but two mutations are particularly significant, which are related to the S protein of the virus and probably because of this it enters human cells more quickly. It is 40-60 percent more contagious than the British strain, which dominated Europe and Serbia during March and April 2021.

In Sydney, just 5-10 seconds was enough to infect people passing each other in a closed mall.

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It takes 200 germs, not 500 (as with other strains) to infect. It shows several symptoms – headache, weakness, sore throat and runny nose (such as a cold, sneezing) are dominant, and there is no loss of smell and taste; attacks the younger population more often; it is more resistant to heat; it is resistant to treatment with a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies – Kanjuh said in the letter.

Senseless conspiracy theories

Photo: depositphotos,

Photo: depositphotos,

He appeals to citizens to get vaccinated, because, as he says, it is a moral obligation.

Rapid spread of delta strains, neglect and insufficient control of epidemiological measures and above all – if the number of vaccines does not increase, we are threatened, when the cold, a new wave of kovida 19! Anyone who is not vaccinated has a 30 times higher risk of becoming covid 19. Bigger and longer is the spread of the virus in unvaccinated people – more often the virus mutates and creates new strains, which cannot be affected by existing vaccines. The plan for the G7 countries is to vaccinate the world’s population by 2022 – says the academic.

Kanjuh also referred to conspiracy theories, namely that he claimed that the virus was released from the laboratory. As he emphasizes, the fantasy is that the virus and vaccines were created in the laboratory at the same time.

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Most scientists believe that it was created by spontaneous evolution, that is. which was not done in a laboratory. The arguments that confirm this are: shortly after the start of the kovid 19 epidemic, the Chinese sequenced the entire genome of the virus and made it known to the world; the mutated molecular mechanism by which the virus enters the cell has not been done in the laboratory, because it also exists in bats and pangolins – says Kanjuh.

He adds that man has begun to “imitate God,” to control and accelerate evolution, so, technically, the virus can be done in the laboratory, but that is perhaps not the case with the coronavirus.

We showed courage and heroism

In his work, he also answers the question of whether a virus that is more contagious than measles and more deadly than Ebola appears tomorrow. The experience with this pandemic, Kanjuh believes, can be very helpful.

Antiviral drugs such as antibacterial antibiotics should be found. Vaccines are, of course, valuable, but they will have to wait for years to be made safe and effective. We need to achieve global solidarity, compassion, empathy, generosity to help the weak and the poor. Rich countries and individuals should help the poor. Stay away from hatred and accusations from other countries, from ethnic and religious minorities.

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He fights for scientific truth, and ignores conspiracy theories. Apply Marko Miljanov’s famous phrase about heroism and cavalry to kovid 19. Heroism has been demonstrated by health workers, and cavalry citizens, who have adhered to epidemiological measures, have been vaccinated and thus protected. others by themselves – says the academic.

Suggest what to do in the future

In the future practical struggle, we must draw on the experiences from the current Kovida pandemic 19. Have the relevant crisis site prepared in advance. To train the health service for the fight: personal, institutional and space, to provide in advance with appropriate devices, vaccines and medicines.

You must have your own production of vaccines, drugs, relevant devices, etc. Special hospitals for dangerous viral infections should be established immediately. In addition, special autopsy chambers and equipment suitable for autopsies and their associates so that they can be performed smoothly through the necessary autopsy.

We must immediately begin to promote relevant medical and biological specialties: preventive medicine, virology, infectious diseases, molecular biology, genetics, pathology, microbiology.

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In addition, associations, institutions and laboratories of the pharmaceutical and basic science industry for research into drugs and vaccines against the virus should be specially organized. It is not a problem of the state: the fight against kovid 19 or maintenance of the economy, but both, because kovid 19 weakens the economy, and a weak economy makes it difficult to fight kovid 19 .We must have a plan for the reorganization of the economy and its sudden transition to business conditions in a pandemic – concludes Kanjuh.

Nebojsa Antonijevic, Snezana Kanjuh and Momir Pusac were Kanjuh’s collaborators in the cited work.

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