Three mysterious Greek islands as beautiful as Corfu and Rhodes PHOTO

Mirina, Limnos Photo: Shutterstock / T. Wilbertz

Mirina, Limnos Photo: Shutterstock / T. Wilbertz

If you want to avoid the popular Greek summers where everything is full of noise and tourists, visit one of these islands.

In the Aegean Sea, authentic villages, traditional Greek cuisine and a peaceful holiday are possible, but only if you discover places that the Greeks jealously guard.


Whatever destination you decide on this summer, think about it in time travel insurance.

Limnos has only 17,000 inhabitants, but everyone smiles when a tourist shows up. It is within walking distance of Halkidiki, as well as Thassos, and can be reached by ferry from Kavala.

The island is mentioned in mythology, it is in Limnos Hephaestus it had a coin and, according to legend, the women here poisoned all the men and tried to attract the ancient heroes of the Argonauts.

The food is homemade and very tasty and the wine new Limnos nutmeg it is very withered. It is the largest city Mirina in which the houses are of stone, the asphalted streets and the city low Byzantine castle.

What is a certificate without which you cannot travel to the Greek islands?


The island is close by Athens, but the ferries do not leave Piraeus but Lavrion. Athenians who have weekend homes spend summers mostly here.

The restaurants are great, well stocked with all the fish and delicious wine.

Excursions to this island are frequent Kitnos and Syros. The beaches are beautiful, but far from the city.


Skiros can be reached by ferry Evie of Linaria. It can also be reached by plane from Thessaloniki for about 50 euros.

Places Magazine and Molos they are practically connected as far as the capital People located at the top of a steep cliff. The beaches are beautiful with a beautiful view of the heart.

Skyros is a mix of Spores and Cyclades and is a local specialty goat meat in lemon sauce.

A peaceful Greek island that tourists have not yet discovered PHOTO

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