“This is another scam”: a disappointed German tourist with Dubrovnik VIDEO

Photo: SHutterstock / SchnepfDesign

Photo: SHutterstock / SchnepfDesign

A tourist from Berlin recently visited Dubrovnik, so he revealed on the social network TikTok that he was disappointed.

“An hour of parking is 5.5 euros, but well, they are kind, so they give you 24 hours for only 65 euros,” said the German tourist ironically and added that he believes Dubrovnik is one of these cities that only they want to take the last coin out of a tourist’s pocket.

He thinks prices are really high, especially in fast food restaurants.

“A serving of french fries is 5.5 euros, a burger 11 euros, which is not so terrible. But Coca Cola costs 5.3 euros. What a robbery,” he said in the video.

“This is another big robbery. If you want to walk through the famous walls, you have to pay 26 euros,” he said.

Another thing he didn’t like was the crowd: he claims it’s unbearable and you just can’t visit everything all the tourists in the city would want to see.

“I don’t want to be too negative. There are nice things here, but there are also better destinations. Incredibly expensive,” he concluded.

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