The way you smell can detect the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease

The style of appearance changes, more or less, with all the changes with age. But some changes are more subtle than others. Some should not be ignored. That is, scientists warn that some of these small changes that happen to us over the years should not be ignored, because the driving pattern may indicate the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. To demonstrate this, they conducted an experiment where a group of drivers over 65 years old in Missouri, USA, agreed to track each GPS for one year.


Photo: shutterstock / goodluz

Photo: shutterstock / goodluz

The aim of the Drives study – led by Catherine Roe and Ghana Babulal at the University of Washington in St. Louis and funded by the National Institute on Aging – was to find out whether to only study the habits of this group of leaders. could detect the onset of the disease. – without the need for invasive or expensive medical procedures.

After 365 days of gathering information, scientists are convinced they can. Among the 139 people included in the study, medical tests have already shown that about half of them had a very early or “preclinical” Alzheimer’s disease. The other half is not. Analysis of their appearance revealed visible differences between the two groups. In particular, those who had pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease drove slower, made sudden changes in the direction of the odor, drove less at night and did a total of fewer miles. During the race, they visited less different destinations, always following the same routes already known.

Using odor data, the scientists were able to devise a model that could predict the likelihood of having a preclinical picture of Alzheimer’s disease using only the driver’s age data and his or her GPS odor data. It turned out to be exactly 86%.

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