The UK has approved another antibody-based treatment to treat kovid

The UK has approved another treatment based on monoclonal antibodies for people with covid, which reduces the risk of severe disease.

Source: BBC

Illustration / Photo: Profimedia

Illustration / Photo: Profimedia

It’s called sotrovimab, and scientists say preliminary tests suggest it should work well even against new strains like omicron.

The drug, which is given intravenously, binds to the virus to prevent it from entering our cells.

In one clinical trial, a single dose reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 79 percent in high-risk adults.

It is the second drug of its kind, a treatment with monoclonal antibodies, which has been approved by British regulators, reports the BBC.

Sotrovimab and other approved antibody treatments, ronapreva, are most effective when taken in the early stages of infection. The Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) recommends that they be used within five days of the onset of symptoms.

“This is another therapeutic drug that has been shown to be effective in protecting those most vulnerable to kovid 19, and represents another significant step in our fight against this devastating disease,” said Dr. June Raine, MHRA executive director.

Honey Brown, executive director of cancer charity Anthony Nolan, said: “This is positive news for blood cancer patients, who know that they are less likely to be protected from the covid vaccine 19 than the general population. It is particularly important that patients have access to this treatment immediately if they become infected with the virus, and there are clear guidelines for doctors on how to make it available. “

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