The Ombudsman has demanded that those to raise estrogen levels be included in the List of Medicines.

Protector of Citizens Zoran Pašalić has asked the Republican Health Insurance Fund (RHIF) to provide conditions for the list of drugs issued at the expense of compulsory health insurance to include drugs to raise estrogen levels , which are necessary to maintain the health of transgender women, but also women who have gone through menopause and those who have had their uterus removed, it was announced today.

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Illustration / Photo: motorolka / depositphotos

Illustration / Photo: motorolka / depositphotos

Pašalić stated in the recommendation that the RHIF Central Committee for Medicines should accept the proposal of the Republican Expert Commission on Transgender Conditions on the placement of “estradiol” ampoules and “estradiol valerate” tablets on the List of Drugs and that the amended list, then, on the recommendation of the Ombudsman, should be adopted by the HIF Council.

He added that the RHIF has 60 days to inform the Protector of Citizens about acting on these recommendations.

“Having learned that there have been no drugs on the market since 2012 to maintain the hormonal status of trans people, as well as women who have undergone hysterectomy and post-menopausal women who have been produced in Serbia and who were on the Drug List A1, the Protector of Citizens In 2019, has initiated the procedure of checking the regularity and legality of the work of the responsible bodies of this area “, it is stated in the announcement .

The statement added that the ombudsman requested information on the reasons for the long-term unavailability of drugs from the Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices, the Republic Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Health. Hello, the Republican Expert Commission on Transgender Conditions of the Clinic. Center of Serbia, which includes the Psychiatric Clinic for transgender conditions.

“Based on the submissive responses of the controlled bodies, the Ombudsman has determined that the drug to raise estrogen levels is no longer produced in Serbia, that it cannot be found in regular sales and that it can be occasionally purchased. from black market pharmacists ‘at much higher market prices,” it said in the announcement.

During the control procedure, Pašalić received the opinion of the chairman of the Republican Expert Commission on Transgender Conditions that it is urgently necessary to provide a similar medicine.

However, the decision to put a certain drug on the Drug List is taken by the Central Commission for Medicines of the RHIF, which in April 2021 decided to postpone the statement on this issue because, as stated in the response to the Protector of Citizens, “a small number of patients these drugs,” but also the fact that the ampoule form of the drug “estradiol” has not been registered in Europe, but only compressed “estradiol valerate.”

The statement said the ombudsman had sent a recommendation to the RHIF to put those drugs on the drug list, recalling that the obligation of state bodies and institutions is to take all necessary measures to create a favorable environment for exercising human rights, including the rights of people of different sexual orientations and gender identities.

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