The new BRNU virus has been registered in kindergartens, and parents can get VIDEO

The news about the new virus appearing in kindergartens worried all parents and educators. This virus is manifested by rashes and blisters on the lips, pains and feet and is very similar to chickenpox.

Source: 555vq, TV Prva

Photo: Printscreen / First Television

Photo: Printscreen / First Television

The highly contagious BRNU virus has been circulating among children in Belgrade’s kindergartens in recent weeks.

“Symptoms are not specific, headache and low temperature around 38, there may be abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea, what is typical are growths in the oral cavity, and small sores hurt children, they eat less for The treatment of these wounds is with gels and sprays, they only alleviate the problems a bit, they cannot cure the virus, ”said Dr. Marija Golubovi, a pediatrician at the Savski Venac Health Center.

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, there may be changes in the nails and feet, they are accompanied by the formation of blisters that break out, but also with third ointments and gels prescribed by a doctor.

“Summer is most typical for us for stomach problems and viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea, mouth and foot disease is most typical in breastfeeding, but parents get sick even if they are infected by children, incubation lasts several days, ”says Dr. .Marja Golubovi. “First” television.

Children’s picture clinic can be trivial, says Dr. Golubovi, warning that food that parents should give their children should be sweet, and that salty and hard foods should be avoided.

Nataa Arsenovi, an associate for preventive health care, emphasizes that the most important triad, as well as the extended triad, are carried out throughout the day, and the health situation of children is also monitored. If a child develops a rash or diarrhea, it is isolated and parents are notified.

“In addition to hygiene, there are also disinfection measures, which are defended every day. The measures are implemented with the hygiene of children and employees, through work shoes and children’s clothing. employees, through the execution of sanitary inspections of employees. Children should be outside and ventilate the premises. where children live, it is necessary to taste the food, “said Nataa Arsenovi.

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