The name of the blanket was tattooed that left it a week later on the whole back VIDEO – Taboo – life

Famous tikTokerka Elin Grace (21) posted a video on her profile showing a large tattoo on her back, tattooing the name of her ex. That is, the name of their old love was tattooed a week before they separated.


Photo: Printscreen TikTok

Photo: Printscreen TikTok

She will fondly remember her ex after seeing a huge tattoo in the mirror, which reads “Alexander” on her back. The tattoo stretches backwards, you can guess how much love it was when the girl decided this. He has not yet revealed the reason for the dismissal.

The post on TikTok received an avalanche of comments in no time and many claim it is the biggest tattoo they have ever seen.

“It could be embarrassing for the next blanket,” is one of the comments.

“Whoever agreed to tattoo you on this should go to jail,” writes another user of the social network TikTok.

Someone was a liar and wrote “just find another blanket with the same name.” There were also creatives who had ideas on how to cover that tattoo.

Have you ever done Greek saliva? Do you have a tattoo that you would like to remove? Drink us in the comments.

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