The measures are not worth it, the owners of the bar are furious: the parties continue on the beach after closing

The epidemiological measures in force in Croatia from this week onwards will change virtually nothing, in terms of preventing the spread of the infection, and will further complicate the work of some activities. This is mainly the comment of catering providers, the industry most exposed in the tourist season and to which most of these new measures apply.

The cleaning of the fun debris on the beaches starts earlier, in the morning, so that the locals can welcome the bathers in some state.

“I’ve been working for fifteen years and I’ve never seen so much commotion,” says the Bačvice director as he arranges the loungers.

One of the questions for bar owners is what is the purpose of closing their cafes at midnight when young people continue to drink and have fun until late without any control.

“All the measures in place so far don’t make sense, let alone these new ones,” is the comment from most bar owners, whether it’s cafes or nightclubs. Because most of the work goes to beach cleaners.

This comment would be supported by all cafe owners, especially in Hvar, where they still have a lot to add.

“So we follow all the measures, we don’t have to serve those who don’t sit, we close at midnight and then we see how the mass of people move by canoe to Stipanska Island, where the party lasts until the morning out of control “- says the owner of the cafe in Hvar.

On the island of Stipanska, in Paklenjaci, the parties are organized by the owners of the famous bar Hvar and the host Goran Čorluka denies all accusations against the safety and hygiene measures of the bar.

“First, when you enter the boats, the temperature is measured and no one is allowed to enter without a mask. Then there is another check on the island, where we ask for COVID confirmations or PCR test results, and we also do rapid field antigen testing, ”he said. is the owner of Croatian Media.

“It’s normal to create queues, as well as for everyone where there are more people. Do they exceed the number of passengers? And I can’t know, but I also reported it to the Maritime Police, they told me to check it. Listen, I had meetings with the organizers of these parties in Stipanska, I warned them of everything, because I am aware that this is a potential breeding ground, but the National Headquarters gave them permission, what can I do? Some caterers also complained to me. I understand them in some way, working hours And, of course, that’s why we have a problem that young people are on the street, playing music through speakers and mobile phones, playing guitars … It was earlier, but less because coffees Worked more. Six additional police officers. A lot of people are away from home, it’s summer “… – says Ricardo Novak, the mayor of Hvar.

Uncontrolled conditions

Photo: Depositphotos / tommasolizzul

Photo: Depositphotos / tommasolizzul

He adds that he appealed to the national staff and the ministry to make the cafes work for a longer period, considering that for him it is clear that the measure does not make sense if young people meet again, in uncontrolled conditions.

“Now we need extra labor to clean the city of glass and rubbish. To those who do this party in Stipanska I said, ‘No, folks, play. Some tell me they don’t check anything on the island and make sure they stick to everything, do quick tests, ask for COVID certificates … Then I checked it out and found out they had two tents and a team performing tests. If they went to the island, they would surely do whatever they did. say and do and who can control everything. that there are inspections, it is not up to me. All I have to do is believe that they are serious “- says the mayor of Hvar and the head of the local Civil Protection headquarters.

On the other hand, he is satisfied with the development of the season so far and appeals to everyone to know that, as he himself says, he is behaving in accordance with the measures.

– The results are excellent so far, everyone is working, some have lost part of their income, but we do not want incidents with the police and security guards like Omis – Novak stressed.

The club owners are furious

An incident recently occurred in Zenta, Split. Split club owners were desperate for the measures even before they started this week, considering that as local clubs, their working hours are limited to midnight. They think it’s better to close.

The youngsters confirm that this working time does not make sense, as they only arrive at the clubs around 10pm.

“The aid we have received so far from the state in the form of workers’ wages and to cover part of the fixed costs is not enough to continue our business and survive. It is practically the second year that we have not worked. Pay all the costs. fixed for a longer period instead of one year “- suggests Majić.

Thus, on an uninhabited island, you can dance and have fun until the morning with decibels suitable for this type of entertainment and in the city only until midnight. It’s just that young people are not Cinderellas, but the festivities continue, according to their measures. And they are certainly not what Minister Davor Božinović would like. In other words, all epidemiological measures have been violated in some way.

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