The “massive blow” of tourists would once again turn the whole of Tuscany into a museum

Photo: Shutterstock / Mariana Petriv

Photo: Shutterstock / Mariana Petriv

In the coming years, Tuscany will be transformed into a huge art gallery and the paintings and sculptures of the Uffizi Gallery will be distributed to more than 100 places.

One of the most famous museums in the world, Florence Uffizi Gallery, has long withstood a huge influx of tourists. Now he said he would be released in a spectacular way … turning all of Tuscany into a museum.

Over the next few years, Tuscany will become a huge art gallery. Paintings and sculptures from the Ufici gallery will be distributed in more than 100 places throughout the region known for their gentle nature and famous wines.

Uffizi is a building erected in Florence by the De Medii family. Several ministries and the state administration are housed in the building. Since the 16th century, it has housed the artist’s collection Uffizi Gallery, which is today one of the most visited museums in Italy and the world.

The gallery has always been one of the strongest magnets for tourists. Now, the whole region should benefit: this is the goal of the “Sound Officers” project.

Napoleon’s spirit returns to the island of Elba

One of the most important artistic sites is, for example, the island of Elba, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Italy and Corsica. There, a coalition of English, Prussians, Russians, and Austrians expelled Napoleon after his defeats at the battles of Moscow and Leipzig. Two hundred years after Napoleon’s death in 1821, the myth of the great military should come back to life.

Thus, a selection of paintings about Napoleon from the Uffizi Gallery will be on display in the island city of Portoferaj until October, along with works from local collections.

Florence, a friendly city of Vodovac

“We hope to return the spirit of Napoleon to the island where he lived with an exhibition on the Elbe,” he told DW Ajke mit, director of the famous museum.

“We want to show the great works of artists in the right context, where they will be much more important than in Florence, where they are isolated,” the myth adds.

And for the island of Elba, it is an opportunity to reactivate tourism, which has almost completely disappeared due to the measures introduced against the coronavirus.

Solutions for mass tourism in Florence?

That is, Elby greatly needs at least part of the problem that Florence had in the time before the crown, which was created by a strong influx of tourists. In addition to over-booked hotels, more and more private apartments are being rented each year through various internet platforms. In the end, due to the crowds and chaos, the Florentines even began to leave their city.
Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, among other things, due to the large number of sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. These places are constantly overloaded. But during the pandemic, the Italians also experienced some peace and this motivated many to consider some different concepts.

Thus, the passage of large passenger ships through the lagoon of Venice was recently banned and in Florence a concept called “ratrkani Ufici” was born which should represent a path towards sustainable mass tourism.

Because the gallery began to lose its meaning: the works of Renaissance artists, from Sandra Botieli to Albrecht Dürer, after a long wait in the queues for tickets, could only be seen in a large meteor.

Restoring the importance of the historic sites of Tuscany

Now these works will be distributed in Tuscany and the massive “coup d’état” of tourists should “depreciate” and spread throughout the region.

In addition to Elba, the historically important sites of Tuscany include the village of Popi on the hills, to which the great poet Dante Alighieri fled after being sentenced to death in Florence. In the fortress of the village where he lived, he wrote parts of his “Divine Comedy”: it is this fortress that will now become a permanent exhibition space with works from the Uffizi Gallery.

It is not possible to predict with certainty what kind of reception the “scattered art” project will receive: despite the mitigation of pandemic measures during the summer, international tourism has remained very limited. Metropolis – there are no answers to these questions yet.

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