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On the occasion of the Crisis tab session, an extraordinary session of the Moravica Administrative District Council was held today.

Source: RINA

Photo: RINA

Photo: RINA

The seedlings discussed guidelines for citizen behavior, as well as inspection of upcoming events, mainly Parliament in Gui, Parliament of violinists in Pranjani, Nuiijada in Ivanjica and Kupusijada in Mrajevci.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Marija Obradovi, who is also a member of the Crisis tab.

“It is very important for us that the organizers understand that the state, that is, the crisis tab, takes place for such events, but the health of the population is even more important for us,” he said. said the minister, adding that everyone should share responsibility, including organizers, police, inspection.

Gua will be organized differently this year than in previous years. We have agreed to implement a “protected area” where a 7km long territory will be organized where access will be strictly controlled, but Gua is not just the area around the stadium, and the whole village, ”he said.

Only vaccinated citizens and those with a negative PCR test can enter the protected area. Checkpoints will be set up, where people will be checked. There will be a separate entrance and exit for vaccinated people, non-stop.

“We have provided about thirty points to unvaccinated citizens, we also allow rapid testing and vaccinations. And that is why only by sharing responsibilities between organizers, inspectors and citizens can we go to Gu with minimal risk. This event is an example for all future events, “the minister said. Marija Obradovi.

Photo: RINA

Photo: RINA

He added that he would inform the media every day that Gua would not be the same as before and that he would have a restrictive approach.

“Consideration is being given to introducing a type of bracelet that will mark participants for ease of movement and operation, such as the Exit Festival. It is possible that one or two days before Gu is banned by the Crisis tab. , solely in the interest of the health of the nation, “Obradovi concluded.

The meeting was also attended by Goran Stamenkovi, the head of the working group for overseeing the inspection of the spread of kovida 19, who stressed that the responsibility lies with everyone.

“What I can say is that the Moravian administrative district is recognized as one of the best organized districts in terms of the work and control of kovid inspection services. The data show that they were active and agile, they issued measures and ordered extreme There are strict controls. “At the same entrance of the event and the strict displacement of all measures prescribed by government decree and the decree of the Minister of Health. Without consent, which can be withdrawn on the day of the festival or the day before, these events cannot be implemented, ”Stamenkovi concluded.

The Gui Trumpet Festival will be held with special security measures

Photo: RINA

Photo: RINA

The trumpet festival in Gui will be held with special security measures related to Kovida 19, the president of the municipality of Luani and the parliamentary commission, Milivoje Dolovi, announced today.

The statement indicates that the event will have a sufficient number of points where epidemiological measures will be monitored and implemented. Entry to Gu will require a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of early covidi. For those customers who do not have the above certificates, a rapid on-site antigen test will be performed.

The organizer of the Parliament, in cooperation with the Luani Health Center and the Ministry of Health of RS, will provide sufficient amounts of rapid antigen tests and the tests will be performed by the employees of the Luani Health Center, with the help of alias colleagues. .

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