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In a new documentary, Shamima Begum told the world about her experience while living in the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS.


Photo: Shutterstock / Orlock

Photo: Shutterstock / Orlock

In the new documentary “Return: Life after ISIS,” the 21-year-old talked about the horrors women experience in ISIS, especially women like her who come from other countries.

Shami left the UK as a teenager to join the organization in Syria.

At just 15, he arrived in Syria with two other girls who had the same goal: to join ISIS. One of her friends allegedly died in the bombing, while the other is losing any trace.

When she arrived in Syria, she was first placed in a house for single women, where she hoped to find her husband. He did not want to marry Shami, but the living conditions in that accommodation were so unbearable that he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“I was in that house maybe a month and then they offered me a woman,” Shami says.

“First they ask you about your own desires, that is, what kind of husband you want: you prefer a certain nationality, age, language. Then they filter men according to your desires and offer you dating,” she says.

“It was really weird, he didn’t know how to cook when he was 15 and he was surprised by that finding. I thought he was to blame when he married a 15-year-old. At home: they have to stay in he marries his wife and children and can marry from the age of 9. ”

He told Shami that women are told all this: how they behave and how they dress. All this was told to them by the “ISIS police” who would turn them around and call them if they did not follow the rules.

The American Hoda Muthana, who joined ISIS in 2014, recalls her experience:

“I once wore Nike sneakers with a little pink line. They called me I couldn’t wear it because it looks too attractive. I shouldn’t wear glasses and they would call me as soon as I took off gloves. I was waiting for a happy place, where the Muslims helped the schools, the hospitals and the whole community, but in the end there was a big mess. A hell on Earth, “Hoda points out.

The girl sued the store: because of the hijab, they wrote PHOTO “ISIS” in her cafe

Hoda went on to talk about how he didn’t find the life they had promised him before he came:

“Women who have nothing to do but clean and cook. There are no educational institutions, that is, schools for them. I haven’t done anything for five years, so I’m a little ‘insensitive.’ public is not allowed, nor can you socialize for free. There is no internet or television, as we live in the Middle Ages. My husband had a computer where he played games and only allowed me to watch it. “

Shamima Begum lost her British citizenship in 2019 and the state found her a criminal:

“They accused me of working for their police. How could a 15-year-old without knowledge of Islam work for them? In interviews with British media, journalists treated me like a criminal. They never wanted to hear it. the real story “. she says.

Shami was found in a refugee camp in Syria in February 2019, in the ninth month of her pregnancy. Her baby did not survive pneumonia and Shami had previously lost two children. The girl is still in a camp in Syria, where she is guarded by armed soldiers until she finds a new home, because Britain forbade her to return home.

Documentary coming out 15.6. “Sky Television” talks about more than 60,000 women and children who were trapped in Syria after fleeing ISIS and their countries do not want to treat them.

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