The five safest cities in the world to travel after a pandemic

Copenhagen Photo: Shutterstock / Arcady

Copenhagen Photo: Shutterstock / Arcady

See which destinations will be the safest option after a pandemic.

Company Economist Intelligence Unit published the Index of Safe Cities, which ranks 60 cities on the basis of 76 security indicators: in comprehensive infrastructure, digital life, personal security, health, preparedness for a pandemic.

Pandemic precautions have made cities even more vigilant with health care and general security to better protect their populations.

They are at the top of the list Copenhagen, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

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Residents of these cities shared their experiences on how the changes brought about by the pandemic have made cities safer and more resilient and these travelers still need to know to be safe when they decide to visit some of these cities.

1. Copenhagen

At the top of the index, the Danish capital ranks especially well due to the environmental development index, which measures sustainability, air quality, waste management and the coverage of urban minds.

The last factor absolutely influenced how the city and its inhabitants coped with the restrictions of the pandemic, which were completely abolished in September 2021.

“Parks and green spaces, as well as waterways, were popular during the pandemic. Copenhagen residents gathered to bring food to take away and enjoy many of the city’s spaces,” he said. Asbjørn Overgard, Copenhagen resident, executive director of the non-profit organization. Copenhagen capacity.

2. Toronto

Canada’s largest city ranked second in the overall safety index, with good results in infrastructure and environmental safety. Residents emphasize an inclusive culture that values ​​community-based communication, especially when it comes to raising awareness about vaccination and adopting new social forms.

Toronto-based Farida Talat points out how the city has launched a series of community-specific vaccination programs to make the city safer.

The home vaccination plan worked by providing the first doses to residents who could not leave their homes.

After the opening of the borders, the queues in front of the airline in Singapore

Methane also feels safe due to the city’s long history of multiculturalism.

“A typical group of people probably have people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religions. Toronto is an open-minded city where you can feel safe and be who you are,” said Filipe Vernaza, who has lived in the city since 1998. .

3. Singapore

Second, in terms of digital security, health security and infrastructure security, Singapore took advantage of these advantages to move quickly during the early days of the pandemic and quickly introduced digital surveillance and contact tracking.

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The country also has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world (currently 80%), but all this still requires strict monitoring of contacts with regard to the new variants.

“Before they can enter or enter buildings or premises, all residents must scan theirs Token TraceTogether or a mobile app for Secure entry applications. This allows authorities to quickly find people who may have mingled with the infected or been contacted to determine the quarantine, ”said Singaporean Sam Lee, who runs a travel blog of the same name.

4. Sydney

Australia’s largest city is in the top 10 in terms of health security. Australia was one of the first countries to completely close its borders during the pandemic and maintained strict isolation measures with an increase in the number of cases.

The mortality rate per kovid 19 per capita in Australia remains one of the lowest in the world. When vaccination in New Wales in June reaches 70%, many of these restrictions are expected to be lifted and international borders will open in November.

“I’ve never felt so safe in the country as I do now that I live in Sydney,” said Kloe Skurgi, founder of the Australian travel website. Passport Down Under, which first moved to Sydney in 2018.

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The city has also been at the forefront of digital security.

5. Tokyo

The capital of Japan ranks fifth in the overall index and is at the forefront of the health security index, which measures factors such as universal health care, pandemic preparedness, life expectancy, mental health and mortality from covid 19.

Although the number of patients increased during the Olympics, rates dropped dramatically because the number of vaccinated reached nearly 60 percent of the population. In light of the positive news, Japan has announced the phasing out of restrictions from the end of September 2021.

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