The first results are fantastic: A new protein vaccine is coming soon

300,000 doses of the new protein vaccine are arriving soon in Croatia, which is reported to be very effective.


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In addition to the existing vaccines, the Sanofi protein vaccine must arrive in Croatia after it has been approved by the EMA.

Croatian officials have confirmed that the protein vaccine will soon be available to citizens. No further information is available at this time, but the Novavax company is currently the only one that has come this far with clinical trials of the protein vaccine.

These are its characteristics and the way it affects the body.

Novavax, Maryland, has developed a protein-based coronavirus vaccine called NVKS-CoV2373. In March, the company announced an efficiency rate of 96 percent compared to the original coronavirus, 86 percent compared to the variant. B.1.1.7 and 49 percent compared to the variant B.1.351 coronavirus.

Virus SARS-CoV-2 it is full of protein that it uses to enter human cells. These so-called spike proteins are an attractive target for vaccines and potential treatments.

The new vaccine works by teaching the immune system to produce antibodies to spike protein.

To create their vaccine, Novavak researchers started with a modified spike gene.

They inserted a gene into another virus, called a baculovirus, and allowed them to infect moth cells. Infected cells produce spike proteins that spontaneously fuse to form the virus, as happens on the surface of the coronavirus.

A similar method for growing and collecting viral proteins is already being used to produce authorized vaccines against diseases, including influenza and HPV.

The Novavax vaccine may also negate another type of protection by destroying infected cells.

When the coronavirus attacks, infected cells place fragments of their protein on the surface. Cells that present antigens can activate a type of immune cell called an antigen T kill cell.

It can recognize cells infected with coronavirus and destroy them before they have the potential to produce new viruses.

The Novavak vaccine would be easier to distribute and store than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. While you have to keep these vaccines frozen, NVKS-CoV2373 can be stored up to three months in the refrigerator.

But if the vaccine proves effective, scientists won’t know for sure how long it will provide protection.

If it acts as a protein-based vaccine for other diseases, it can create a group of special cells called memory B cells and memory T cells.

These cells will store information about the coronavirus for years or even decades, allowing a rapid counterattack in response to a new infection.

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