The experiences of Mistina: an increasingly popular form of tourism that can make you turn your head

Photo: Shutterstock / Jozef Klopacka

Photo: Shutterstock / Jozef Klopacka

One of the forms of tourism that took off before the pandemic closed its borders is spiritual, or more precisely, psychedelic tourism.

The reproaches to nature that involve taking arolic substances to cure mental and physical illnesses, expand consciousness, connect with ancestors or free oneself from the ego have been increasingly sought after and from the same destination there is a inner journey beyond.

Summer vacation in which it is taken ritually ayahuascaHallucinogenic drinks from the Amazonian tribes are becoming increasingly popular to relax from reality.

In Jamaica, there are offers to retire along with tourist brooms 5-MEO-DMT or “colored molecules” obtained from the body of a rare species of bee krastae, Toad Alvarius.

It is advertised as the strongest entheogen (a substance that causes divine or mystical enlightenment) and is taken with the preparation and supervision of prepared guides. In various deals around the world, they are also clean blah aerobic feathers so everyone can find something for themselves if they want.

In the videos that tirelessly come out on social media, more and more people are talking about their experiences; and while some freed themselves from the ego on a journey to self-centeredness and realized authenticity or shed to the right, others never came back to the end because it reminded them of an experience only paranoia, anxiety and more serious mental problems.

Modern psychedelic tourism it can rightly be called “problematic.”

While Westerners have gone to tribal communities for centuries in search of consciousness, this has been done with more travel, knowledge, and patience.

Today, it is not uncommon for wealthy twenties to feel their experience with ayahuascom it makes them competent to call themselves amanas and decides to pass on their experience to anyone who is interested, without the necessary knowledge. Anyone who decides on psychedelic tourism is encouraged to thoroughly research the plan and program to which it applies, as well as the people behind the agreement.

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