The Delta plus strain is just about to arrive – and there’s a way to boost immunity before that VIDEO

The Delta plus strain of coronavirus has been confirmed so far in more than 40 countries, and as epidemiologists say, it is a matter of days when it will also appear in Serbia.

Source: 555vq, TV Prva

Photo: Printskrin / TV Prva

Photo: Printskrin / TV Prva

It is a strain that, according to immunologists and prof. Dr. Borislav Kamenov, more aggressive, and the clinical picture a little more serious.

“It’s common for a mutation in the virus to lead to a serious clinical picture. It’s a biological fight, if we defend ourselves against the virus, they also defend themselves to survive. That’s why they change their genetics,” says the immunologist.

One of the key factors in boosting immunity against coronavirus is the consumption of vitamin D, which, as Dr. Kamenov says, is lacking during the winter period.

“Vitamin D is very important for our immunity. If we are infected with a coronavirus, more precisely, a more aggressive – delta plus strain, it is necessary to take large amounts of vitamin D,” the doctor indicates, adding that vaccination. it is also important to protect against coronavirus mutation. .

“Vaccination, along with the combination of vitamin D, is an important factor in the fight against delta strains, but also coronavirus,” the immunologist concluded for TV Prva.

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