The decision is valid from November 15: Israel recognized another vaccine for tourists

Photo: Shutterstock / ESB Professional

Photo: Shutterstock / ESB Professional

Israel will allow tourists who received the Russian vaccine against kovid 19 to visit the country from November 15, the public service Khan reported today.

With this decision, the previous regulation that only tourists vaccinated with vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) can come to Israel ceased to be valid.

The decision was made just days after Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s visit to Sochi, where he met, for the first time since he became prime minister in June, with Russian President Vladimir Putin and is considered a good gesture. will towards the Russian leader.

Tourists who have received the Russian vaccine will undergo a serological test when they arrive in Israel. If antibodies are not found, they will need to be isolated or returned to their country.

In addition to the serological test, tourists vaccinated with Sputnik will have to undergo two PCR tests, one before boarding the plane and the other on arrival in Israel.

Last week, Bennett called for the potential acceptance of the Russian vaccine to be postponed until Dec. 1, but they allegedly convinced him to do so sooner.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medical Agency (EMA) have not yet recognized the Sputnik vaccine, and therefore the Israeli decision requires legal changes.

Sources from this agency said that the green light from Europe is not expected for this vaccine this year, because additional information is needed.

Russia allegedly pressured Israel to accept the Sputnik vaccine, given the success of the vaccination campaign in the Jewish state.

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