“The champions are already here”: the famous brand selector supports Novak Djokovic before the Turin tournament PHOTO – News – Life

Ticktocker Kaby Lame backed the best tennis player in the world before the final masters tournament

Source: B92

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

The famous Senegalese-rooted tictoker who lives and works in Italy took advantage of the arrival of the best tennis player in the world in Turin to take a picture with him and support him before the final tournament of the Master.

Upon his arrival in Turin, the tennis ace was attacked by fans, and so it was in the room where he was hit by a ticker.

He shared his enthusiasm in mind history on Instagram.

Photo: Printscreen / instagram / khaby00

Photo: Printscreen / instagram / khaby00

Just a day earlier, Kabi Lejm posted on his profile a photo of Serbian footballers Vlahović and Radonjić who celebrated one of the goals against Qatar just like Kabi, who he certainly liked.

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