The Arc de Triomphe surprised Macron: “A masterpiece, the realization of a crazy dream”

On Thursday, Emanuel Macron inaugurated one of the most important monuments in Paris: the Arc de Triomphe, a posthumous vision of the artist Christ who died in 2020.

“Christo and an-Claude are on our minds. They would be very moved, this is the fulfillment of a 60-year-old dream,” the French president said in a speech on the roof of the monument in the presence of the mayor of Paris. Anne Hidalgo. and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“It was a crazy dream and you fulfilled it, Vladimir (Javaev, the artist’s nephew), thank you very much,” Emanuel Macron added.

He praised the “masterpiece that does not hurt taxpayers at all and that contributes to the splendor of our country” and thanked “all those who made this project possible.”

25,000 square feet of fabric and 3,000 feet of red rope

As a result of several weeks of work, 25,000 square meters of recycled silver blue fabric and 3,000 meters of red rope were needed to wrap that famous French memorial site. The facility will be installed on October 3rd.

This work is the realization of the dream of the artist Christ and his wife an-Claude.

As early as 1962, the couple signed a photographic montage of the full triumphal arch and had the idea of ​​seeing it from their first apartment on Fo Avenue.

“It will be like a living being that will live in the wind and reflect light. The folds will vibrate and the surface of the monument will become sensual. People will have to knock on the door,” he said.

14 million euros, without state subsidies

The work is worth 14 million euros, but was completely self-financed without state subsidies, selling original works of Christ, drawings, memorabilia, preparatory sketches and lithographs.

Earlier, Culture Minister Roselyn Baelo valued the work as “a wonderful gift for Parisians, French people and all art lovers”.

In addition to the praise, the play also fueled controversy. On Saturday, in the newspaper “Mond”, the architect Carlo Rati, one of Christ’s friends, asked for instructions on “the aesthetics of a wasteful wrapper”.

It’s also a “very eco-friendly” project, defended the artist’s nephew, who added that the fabric is completely recycled.

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