The actress admitted in tears that she was hurt: “That’s why I would know she was alive” VIDEO – News – Life

Actress and model Analin Makord talked about how she lived a traumatic experience during her childhood. He revealed on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” how he became “immune to pain.”

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According to her, she became “immune to pain,” so much so that at one point she devoted herself to self-esteem, but she also heard about a romance that had certain characteristics of BDSM.

“I started, so to speak, to explore sexually, without even knowing why these things move and I’m interested in it in general. You know, the beautiful brains of people know how to combine pain and pleasure into one for help you. And I started and with self-injury and it took a long time. BDSM for me was something that would wake me up, so I would know I was alive, to feel whatever it was, “he said, adding that” the adventure “began when he realized he had no pain.

“I just stopped feeling pain. But simply put. The torture I went through as a child is something unreal. Strange. Creepy. So my brain ‘cut me off’ and said, ‘No, already n ‘enough, she’s going to turn now,’ the actress said in the video.

People laugh and talk about their tolerance, about how to “squeeze” something to get sick, but then you have to ask why it’s like that. It’s a moment. Because it’s not good. People don’t. you even know how much it costs. “It hurts us for a reason, to know that something isn’t working. You know, you don’t get rewards for enduring it all,” he concluded.

Recently, he also talked about the aggression he experienced on the threshold of adulthood and how much he was tormented by mixed feelings at the time, because as a child he had already passed the horror.

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