Tell doctors not to recommend the vaccine via Viber

Nowadays, the phone number is active 064 88 11 405 through which you can point out doctors who do not advise to vaccinate patients without a specific medical reason justified.

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,031,283 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia, and 8,946 people have died. The mortality rate is 0.87 percent. A total of 5,943,113 samples were tested.

In the last 24 hours, 6,786 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Serbia out of 22,710 samples tested.

The most important message from the doctor is always – take preventive measures and vaccinate. A new amount of “Pfizer” vaccine has arrived in Serbia – 121,680 doses. There are enough of all vaccines, and only with a more complete immunization can the virus be brought under control.

And that the epidemic situation in our country is still very serious is evidenced by the fact that there is no place in the largest hospital in the country in Batajnica.

The Ministry of Health has announced that citizens can submit to the phone number 064 88 11 405 via the Viber application to doctors who do not recommend vaccination to patients, without a clear, justified and specifically stated medical reason.

All irregularities that will be sent through this number will be dealt with before the honorary tribunal of the Medical Chamber of Serbia, meaning that charges will be filed to endanger the lives and health of citizens against ‘to the doctors mentioned, the Ministry announced.

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