Striptease club stopped auditioning after too many women showed up – News – Life

The auditions for the dancers at the Las Vegas strip club, which is about to open, were abruptly interrupted because more than 1,000 women showed up.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo: Kristina Kokhanova / Shutterstock

Photo: Kristina Kokhanova / Shutterstock

Organizers wanted to avoid the Astroworld situation, when 10 people died in a stampede at the Houston festival, so they stopped the event.

“That shit is too full, you have to go home. You all saw what happened to Travis Scott the other night, you better do your stuff and leave,” the organizer said, reports the Daily Mail.

The strip club has previously welcomed people who want to come and see the audition. “Feel free to come and sign up. We also welcome the general public and invite them to come and see the auditions of our dancers,” they wrote recently on Instagram.

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