State study of Peru: Sinofarm efficient 50.4 percent

Two doses of Sinofarm vaccine were 50.4 percent effective in preventing covetous infections in health care workers in Peru, where the number of patients increases due to the presence of various stocks, and gives a third dose of booster. be considered, according to a state study here.

Source: Tanjug



He says the Sinofarm vaccine, with which Peru has fought a fierce second wave of lambda and gamma-dominated covides, has been given to 400,000 health workers who were at the forefront, Reuters said.

Most health care workers received both doses. “The effectiveness in preventing infection is not good and it is something that needs to be considered when a large number of the population receives both doses.

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“We can then consider a dose of reinforcement, to strengthen the protection for medical workers who are in direct contact with kovid,” reads the study published by scientists from the State Institute of Health and two other research institutes.

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The vaccine, however, is 94 percent effective in preventing death if two doses are received. Some countries, such as Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates, have offered their citizens the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines as a booster dose, following the Sinofarm revaccination.

“You will probably need a third dose at some point, the only question is when is it best to do it and what type of booster vaccine should you receive,” Lely Solari, one of the study’s seven authors, told Reuters . .

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He added that the effectiveness of Sinofarm against infections is low, but that it is still acceptable according to the standards of the World Health Organization.

Peru included asymptomatic infections in the study, and Solari noted that most of the data were based on the experiences of health care workers. Medical workers in Peru were vaccinated only with Sinofarm, because the Chinese vaccine was the first to arrive in the South American country, and then residents were vaccinated with the Vaiser and Astrazeneca vaccines.

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