Spanish “dance” with the crown: the party in Marbella still continues

Photo: Shutterstock / CorvuzMedia_2012

Photo: Shutterstock / CorvuzMedia_2012

Although the number of newly infected people in Spain is high and, although it is growing every day, the party continues. First of all in Marbella.

It is good for the tourism industry, but it is risky for the healthcare system.

Beach bars in Marbella during August they are crowded. There are many young and rich foreigners in striped shirts and evening dresses. It’s hot, like every summer. Tourists live in a parallel world, between the hotel and the beach.

And, although television viewers in Spain present the current numbers of people infected every half hour almost intensely (and there are a large number of people vaccinated among themselves), there is no talk of panic in Marbella on the beach.

According to the municipality of Marbella, 75 new coronavirus infections are registered every day and the incidence of 14 days is around 640 (the average in Spain is around 500). This is the fifth wave of the crown of this country.

And the problem is not just young Spaniards who love the holidays, but also tourists from France, Britain and Germany, among whom are those who have the feeling that they lost something during the pandemic and now want to make up for it. Nowhere are there so many expensive cars in such a small space as here on the coast of Andalusia.

Rich Arabs, Russians, Norwegians, Swedes …

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It takes a lot of patience to get to the port Puerto Banus in which numerous yachts are anchored. They are rich above all Arabs and Russians. It is full of people everywhere. “No one knows why and how, but after all those horrible scenarios of last year, there was a boom again in Spain,” says the German. Tim Virt. He is a lawyer and lives in Spain.

According to Spanish bank estimates BBVA, the economy here will prosper and GDP is expected to grow by 6.5%. Norwegians and Swedes mostly buy real estate for holidays in Marbella, says the housing association “Lacoop”. Foreign investors began to return in the middle of last year. In the first half of 2021, they bought 30 percent of the luxury real estate deals on offer in Madrid.

Costa del Sol, the most European scooter

Thanks to relatively weak measures against the crown, the unemployment rate in Spain this summer has fallen like never before in history. However, it remains around 15% and remains very high compared to the EU average. But, soon, about seventy billion euros will arrive in the Spanish budget directly from Brussels …

The flourishing of tourism

The government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez with this money it aims to transform the economy, so that it is more innovative and sustainable. But for now, everything works, as before. Whether it’s a theater festival in Mérida or Starlite in Marbella, Spain continues to be the number one tourist destination in Europe. The dominant themes are money and growth, although a large number of people have died in the crown or by their death. Only in the autonomous regions Canary Islands and Galicia, where the virus has not been able to spread so far, a vaccination certificate must recently be issued before entering restaurants or bars.

Meanwhile, in Galicia, the courts have revoked this rule. “The game we’re playing is very dangerous.” In Germany, at least there’s someone behind the wheel, someone for whom health is more important than money, “he says. Manuel Villalta. The musician and composer has been living relatively isolated in the hills of Madrid for a few months now. He was vaccinated, but many of his friends who also received the vaccine still contracted kovid. This surprises him: “We still have to be careful.”

Spain: Ronda: a city on a rock, in the heart of Andalusia

Villalta is a growing fan of Angela Merkel every day: “She is concerned about people’s health, not just the benefits of companies.” To the hospital workers’ union: “The current pressure on Spanish hospitals has to do with the fact that we had fewer staff available in August.”

No blocking …

Lawyer Wirth, who specializes in real estate, is convinced that “Germany would have closed everything long ago if it had figures like these in Spain.” And the Spaniards not only do not close, but also register business records, as confirmed by real estate agents in the Balearic Islands. And this despite the fact that only a few months ago, earlier this year, there was a general pessimism.

The victorious campaign of a conservative politician Isabel Ajuso in the May elections in the autonomous region of Madrid, it made it virtually impossible to introduce a new closure in Spain. His slogan was, “The economy must not suffer.” The main responsibility for the management of the pandemic after the alarm was raised in May now rests with the authorities of 17 regions and autonomous cities. And, on average, just over 60% of people have been vaccinated. Unlike Germany or France, Ayuso only intends to introduce digital covid certificates in the fall as a precondition for entering catering facilities.

Ni Angeles Munjoz, the mayor of Marbella and a member of the PP Conservative Party, as well as Ajuso, do not worry excessively about the high figures. In fact, she is more proud of being a famous gourmet Garcia’s days he still invests in his homeland: he grew up in Marbella. Today, his group employs 600 people and this year, according to his own estimates, will turn over 40 million euros, almost double that of last year.

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