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The American company Space X has assembled the largest rocket in history, the BBC reported.


Photo: Profimedia / Elon Musk / UPI

Photo: Profimedia / Elon Musk / UPI

Two rocket segments: the upper “Starship” and the lower “Super Heavy” propulsion are connected to the SpaceX plant in Boca Iki, Texas.

Due to the height of about 120 meters, all the above missile systems are dwarfed in relation to these.

When it finally takes off, it produces twice the thrust of the rocket that sent humans to the moon.

A massive crane was needed to connect the two segments. They remained in this position for an hour and then separated.

Space X has a few more weeks, that is, months of testing before the first flight, possibly until the end of 2021.

The company’s chief executive, Elon Musk, called the rocket connection “a dream come true.”

Kae da e Star ship, once finished, to be able to take people to the moon and Mars.

It could also transport people around the world quickly and another obvious purpose is to put satellites into orbit.

Currently, the most powerful rocket is used Falcon Heavy, which was also developed by SpaceX. Falcon Heavy produces a 23 megawatt boost at launch and the new Super Heavy rocket should reach 70 megawatts.

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