“Shamefully raped”: Vandals almost endanger Italy’s tourist attraction PHOTO

Photo: Shutterstock / marcociannarel

Photo: Shutterstock / marcociannarel

An investigation has been launched after vandals painted white rocks red in Sicily, one of the most popular tourist sites.

Italian police have opened an investigation into damaging one of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches and cliffs, the Turkish Staircase (Scala dei Turchi).

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sicily, and is visited by domestic and foreign tourists.

The white limestone rocks, which “come out” in the form of a huge ladder from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Realmonte in southern Sicily, were destroyed on Friday night.

The first investigation established that the culprits damaged the cliff with red dust, a fairly easy material to remove, as evidenced by the fact that traces of the lower part of the cliff were partially removed by the sea. . Realmonte volunteers began cleaning up the remaining roads on Saturday.

“The beautiful Turkish steps, the attraction of the Agrigento area that tourists from all over the world come to visit, are in shameful danger,” said Nelo Muzumeci, president of Sicily.

“We condemn the perpetrators of this cowardly act. I hope justice will quickly identify those responsible,” he said.

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