Serious competition Bled: a lake in Slovenia that you can’t go wrong with

Bohinj is a magical valley in the Slovenian Gorenjska region that hides the blue decoration of Triglav National Park – Lake Bohinj. The valley where it is located was created about ten thousand years ago under the influence of glaciers, and the surrounding mountains are a perfect material for admiration, relaxation of body and mind, but also for the adventurous search. You can plan a trip to Bohinj as a day trip, and it is also a great weekend destination.

Bohinj is ideal for nature lovers, walking, hiking, and you can also go cycling, canoeing or kayaking and skiing in winter in Vogel.

Ascent to Savica waterfall

If you drive west on the lake, you will reach the Ukanc site, where you can leave your car and then you will be waiting for 4 more kilometers to the 78-meter-high Savica waterfall. We recommend that you continue these four miles by car and park at the Savica Mountain Lodge and Restaurant. There, prepare yourself in 500 steps arranged to the hidden pearl of the giant of the Triglav.

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Visit Vogel

Vogel is one of the most famous ski resorts in Slovenia, which can be reached by cable car from Bohinj just to enjoy the view of the whole lake. You will reach the cable car at the aforementioned Ukanc site: at the turnoff, turn left, instead of going straight on to Savica Mountain Lodge. The trip lasts 7 minutes and is a great opportunity to see the Triglav National Park from different perspectives.

Take a tour of the lake by tourist boat

If you want to see all the beauty and sights of Lake Bohinj in peace, go on a tourist boat to the lake and the guide will tell you interesting facts about Bohinj, Lake Bohinj and Triglav National Park. You can plan a trip to Bohinj as a day trip, but it is best to book at least two days. It’s a great choice for every season, so write it in your travel book that you have to “do” …

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