Serbian woman complains on Albanian beach: “They didn’t tell you, everything is crazy” VIDEO

This year, Albania is one of the most popular destinations for Serbian tourists. Many of their destinations praise that they are tidy, that the prices are very affordable and that the sea is blue and clean, but a TikTok user complained about the Albanian sea.

That is, one user heard all the positive comments and went to the sea in Albania. What he found and what he mentions in his video is that there is a lot of community waste on the beach, as well as the smell of sewage.

“Until I came, everyone has said it’s beautiful, it’s fantastic. And that’s what no one told me: dirt, stink, sewer, stink on all sides. That’s just one part,” he wrote. user in a post on TikTok.

In the video, he stressed that the site in question is Spile and claims that wastewater is being dumped on the street. The video shows an empty beach where people left buttocks as well as bottles and cans.

“It’s that it’s a good beach, if not, nothing, it’s so shabby, it’s so dirty,” he said in the video.

At the end of the video, he noted that the only good thing is that the beach is sandy, but he added that people are to blame for everything because they don’t buy waste from behind.

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