Scientists have found 4 reasons why it is good to drink a little beer

Nutritionists in the brew have found that a small amount of beer can improve your health for a longer period of time.

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Before investigating what this study found, it would be prudent to note: It does not promote alcohol, or even alcohol. In this meta-analysis, recently published in the international peer-reviewed journal Nutritivi, a team of researchers in the field of nutrition and food sciences in Spain reviewed studies from 2007 to 2020 that looked at the effects of alcoholic beverages especially on health.

However, some study conclusions have suggested that there are health benefits from the natural nutrients in beer, not alcohol itself. Since the choice of non-alcoholic beers has never been more abundant, some parts of this study also know the good news for beer drinkers recovering from alcoholic beer.

It is also important that the researchers who performed this meta-analysis found that a very moderate beer consumption was crucial to experience the health benefits of beer.

In fact, they suggest that the maximum is only one drink a day for women and two for men. Based on these measures, find out what they have discovered about the possible health benefits of beer.

Moderate consumption of beer can protect you from cardiovascular diseases. The researchers said five of the six studies they selected for the study identified a “protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiovascular disease.”

Beer can help prevent diabetes in men

The researchers say: “Men who refrained from consuming beer had a significantly higher risk of developing an abnormal glucose regulation, compared to those who occasionally drank one or two. Occasional beer consumption may be protector

Moderate beer drinking can protect you from cardiovascular disease

The researchers said five of the six studies they selected for the study identified a “protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiovascular disease.” This was true for people who regularly drank up to two beers a week compared to abstainers and occasional consumers.

Beer is associated with a healthier bone density

When looking at bone density and fracture risk in the elderly, the researchers in the current study say that “very low levels of consumption have been associated with a reduced risk of fracture.”

For this variable, they suggest that “non-alcoholic components of beer may be involved,” as the scientists explain: “Other compounds present in beer (e.g., phytoestrogens such as 8-prenylnaringenin) act synergistically with silicon to stimulate and osteoblastic cells (bone cells)., improve bone structure and help to remineralize bones and teeth. ”

Beer can lower cholesterol

Researchers indicate several studies have suggested that beer helps promote good cholesterol and regulate the transformation of bad cholesterol in the body. Largely thanks to the antioxidants in this drink. It is important to note that this occurs when a very small amount of beer is consumed.

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