Rural areas, wine tourism in Portugal; International tourists are the peaks

Photo: Shutterstock / illpaxphotomatic

Photo: Shutterstock / illpaxphotomatic

Luis Araujo, director of the tourism organization Visit Portugal, spoke about the new plan for the recovery of tourism in Portugal at the WTM conference in London, and noted that the aim of this country is to make itself known as to a destination that is visited everywhere. the year.

Portugal will emerge from the crisis, and will focus on international tourists as peaks, Luis Araujo pointed out. During the pandemic, Portugal managed to strengthen its brand, maintaining the destination image “fashionable, modern and social”.

This country has so far renewed around 60% of its tourism capabilities and connections with the world compared to 2019, while this figure is expected to increase to 90% next year.

The focus will not only be on the summer season, but also on rural areas, wine tourism, as well as cities across the country. International tourists are now more important, and all activities will be directed towards them, which does not mean that the home population is neglected.

Portugal wants to be one of the most resilient countries in the world, especially when it comes to tourism, because at the beginning of the pandemic it was a destination that launched an initiative to prevent 19 diseases in the travel and tourism sector, and now has 23,000 companies that have now received “equal and safe” peat countries.

Meanwhile, more than 87% of the population has been vaccinated, which has allowed the country to start worrying about recovering from the bad consequences of the pandemic.

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