Returning to shape after lung disease, doctors recommend Nordic walking

For asthmatics and all patients suffering from lung diseases – even after kovid 19, doctors advise to regain their shape by practicing Nordic walking.

Source: RTS



Nowadays, due to the wet weather, asthmatics have called the doctors.

Dr. Ivana Stefanovi of the emergency department told RTS that asthmatics, and all patients suffering from lung diseases – even after kovida 19, are advised to return to their form. practicing Nordic walking.

Physical activity, whose brand is stick, is a great alternative for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to weigh.

“First you need to be trained, to agree with your pulmonologist, but they say that even moderate and severe cases can, because it increases the capacity of the lungs, reduces the number of hospitalizations,” explains Stefanovieva.

In Western countries, he adds, it is part of the regular rehabilitation of lung patients.

“Do something for yourself. This is really the right way to help yourself. It’s important to spend time outdoors. Time is ideal for that,” Stefanovieva said.

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