Reasons why you should sleep without a pillow

Even if only a few people sleep without a pillow, sleeping with it may not be the best way to rest because it can affect the body and mood. Sleeping without a pillow has many benefits.


Photo: shutterstock / Anatoliy Karlyuk

Photo: shutterstock / Anatoliy Karlyuk

The first pillows were born in ancient Mesopotamia. They were made of stone, and only the rich could afford them. Unlike the old stone pillows, today’s ones are soft and fluffy, and many people can’t sleep without them.

Here are the benefits of having a pillow-free sleep:

Reduces back pain

Some pillows can lead to an unnatural sleeping position, and the support they provide does not last long. When you sleep without them, your spine can rest, and your body is in a natural position.

Prevents headaches

If you wake up with a headache, maybe your pillow is to blame. Pillows too high cause tension in the muscles of the neck, which can cause headaches in the morning.

It can relieve stress

An uncomfortable sleep caused by a pillow can affect disturbed sleep. The body therefore has less time for many important functions that it performs, and a constant lack of sleep can affect your mood.

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