Psoriasis is much more than a skin disease, but it is not a problem without the VIDEO solution

Psoriasis is not a contagious disease and there is no need to be afraid of contact with these people. On the other hand, it is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin and many other organs, which is why it is important to treat it at the beginning, says dermatovenerologist Dr.Mirjana Milinković Srećković.

Source: 555vq, TV Prva

Photo: Printskrin / Prva TV

Photo: Printskrin / Prva TV

“Psoriasis is a multisystem disease that, in addition to affecting the skin, joints and joints, causes inflammatory changes in the cardiovascular system, intestines, metabolic syndrome in terms of obesity, diabetes, increased blood fat levels, and associated with psychiatric changes ”. “Because there are visible changes on the skin. These are red patches that appear and the scales constantly fall on the patient’s skin,” Dr. Milinković Srećković told TV Prva.

It is most often manifested on the elbows, knees and outer sides of the extremities, especially in the visible regions, in the hair, in the genital region, on the hands and feet. According to dermatovenerologists, this inflammatory process is unpleasant and causes great problems for patients.

As the inflammatory process takes place on the skin, it happens on these other organs, they occur in a similar way to atherosclerosis. Because of this association, these patients are prone to cardiovascular disorders.

“Patients with psoriasis are seven times more likely to have a heart attack. That was not known before. So we refer everyone with psoriasis once a year to a cardiologist to prevent cardiovascular problems. About a third of these patients have inflammatory processes in the joints, pain in the small joints, hands, knees and spine. Deformities can occur if not treated in time. That is why it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible. More often than not, patients come to me with the story “I’ve tried everything and everything, I’ve applied everything and everything, but I’m still coming back,” and patients aren’t aware of how much medicine has advanced and how many new drugs there are. ” .

About two percent of the population suffers from psoriasis in the population, which is somewhere around 140,000 in Serbia, and somewhere around 20 percent has a severe form, which means that a large area of ​​skin is affected. This, explains the TV Prva interlocutor, means that more than 10 percent of the skin is affected by the changes, and one percent is approximately a palm surface.

“When a smaller area is affected, but it is specific regions of the skin like the scalp, hands or feet, genital region, it greatly complicates the normal quality of life, because these patients cannot work, walk, get a situation. normal social or intimate relationships.Because of this, these people suffer a lot, very often withdraw into themselves, go into a state of anxiety, some into a state of depression, then become patients for psychiatry, but if psoriasis it’s treated properly, everything is lost. ”

Small areas are resolved with fats, but for more severe forms, Dr. Milinković Srećković indicates, the drugs are needed that work well for some, but give a lot of side effects (they affect the bloodstream, liver or gametes). That is why the pharmaceutical industry in the world has started to do a biological therapy, which is intended.

Classical therapy works by suppressing the immune system, a find out how it works biologically in the video:

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