Pig kidney transplanted successfully in humans: Revolution in medicine

For the first time in the history of medicine, surgeons have successfully performed a kidney transplant from a pig to a human, and the organ, they say, “functioned immediately in a normal way.”

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Photo: Shutterstock / MAD.vertise

Photo: Shutterstock / MAD.vertise

The surgical procedure was performed in September between a genetically modified pig and a patient with a dead brain at NYU Langone Health Hospital.

How were reported by foreign media, the kidney is attached to the patient’s blood vessels in the upper leg, outside the abdomen.

The mentioned pig was genetically modified for kidney breeding, which the human body had to accept, whatever happened, as expected.

“Everything ended better than I could have expected. The kidneys of the dead we transplanted don’t work right away, they need a few days or even weeks for everything to work, but the procedure was immediately successful in that. patient. The operation looked like any transplant. I never did it from a living organ donor, “said Drs. Robert Montgomery, director of the NYU Langone Hospital Transplant Institute.

This medical and historical success has been commented on by others Dori Segev, Professor of Transplant Surgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

“This is a great progress, a great thing for medicine. However, more research is needed to confirm the effectiveness of the procedure. We need to know more about the longevity of the organs,” he said.

Some researchers believe that genetically modified pork kidneys could be used in a few months.

However, the team of surgeons who performed the first such transplant still collects data, to publish their latest work with all relevant results.

“We are always concerned about the fact that the patient’s body may eventually reject a new kidney, that long-term organ rejection may also occur with well-matched donor organs of human origin,” said Drs. David Klasen, doctor in charge of the organization “United Network for the Division of Organs”.

Photo: Shutterstock / Photoreality

Photo: Shutterstock / Photoreality

Xenotransplantation, or the process of transplanting organs and tissues between species, ie. from animals to humans, in the past it was primarily a failed procedure (chimpanzees and pigs were involved), however, many medical experts see gene modification technology as the key to future successful transplants.

This historic moment will probably raise questions in relation to the ethics of raising pigs with the aim of removing their organs.

However, many point out that even without this, about 100 million pigs are slaughtered annually in the United States alone, and only because of the food industry.

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