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Photo: Shutterstock / BalkansCat

Photo: Shutterstock / BalkansCat

Lake Paliko is located in Vojvodina, 8 km from Subotica. This is the largest natural lake in Serbia, first mentioned as Pali in 15th century writings.

There are many legends about the origin of the lake and methane will be happy to tell you the two most famous.

According to the first legend, the lake was formed from the tears of Pastor Pavle, who lost his flock there, so the water is as salty as methane. According to another story, the lake is a remnant of the Pannonian Sea that existed in this area in ancient times.

In any case, if you want to spend your holidays in Serbia in a corner of nature, as in a fairy tale, where you can swim, walk in nature, but also have a good time and fun, Lake Paliko is the right place for you.

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It is a lake that has been one of the most visited places in Serbia for years, mainly for its arrangement, beauty and various opportunities for rest and recreation.

Photo: Shutterstock / BalkansCat

Photo: Shutterstock / BalkansCat

During the tourist season, the water temperature ranges between 18 and 25 degrees, making Pali an ideal place to swim and escape the summer ego. Apart from this, the lake is also important for its healing mud, so here the healing and recovery of the spa is possible. The shore of the lake is 17 kilometers long and is arranged along its entire length.

In addition, the peak tours are attractive, as well as fishing, bird watching, as well as a tour of the natural park around the lake.

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If you add hotels, restaurants, smaller villas of various capacities, as well as a good nightlife, Lake Paliko becomes a place not to be missed.

Photo: Shutterstock / BalkansCat

Photo: Shutterstock / BalkansCat

During the summer months, the European Film Festival is also held in Pali, so this place becomes the place of many, especially regional filmmakers, actors and critics.

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Fans of the “seventh art” here can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere watching the latest films and one of the main features of the festival is the fact that it is one of the few events of this type with 100% European content.

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