Passengers who received the vaccine more than six months ago receive a “red state”

Citizens who have had more than six months since revaccination and have not received the third booster dose of the kovid 19 vaccine may have trouble traveling abroad. That is, when reading the cu-ar code of the green certificate, a red prohibition sign appears on the screen which may suggest that this document is not valid in this case.

As stated on the e-government website, the instructions for obtaining this document, which should facilitate travel to vaccinated Serbian citizens, people who have had a positive PCR or an antigen test in recent 14 days (regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or have data on past illness), as well as people who have spent more than seven months since the second dose of the vaccine.

Thus, all those who responded to the vaccination and have so far received two vaccines have found themselves in the situation of preparing a negative test before going abroad, because surely they would be in a situation where they have to ‘explain the’ warning sign ‘. which appears during code scanning, regardless of whether the document is indicated to be valid.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clearly indicates to which countries Serbian citizens can travel and which of the documents is required. The public is constantly talking about the green certificate confirming that someone has been vaccinated with two doses, but also if they have been infected with the virus or have been tested in the previous period, as well as that it is a sufficient document to cross the border.

However, none of the authorities has said so far that those who, for whatever reason, did not receive the third dose of the vaccine, have a “ban” on the green certificate.

When asked if it is possible to travel abroad with a document that reads the red sign of prohibition, the e-government replied that this green certificate is valid and contains information about the vaccination performed. However, even if this is the case, and if this warning is just a reminder to citizens waiting for a booster dose, they would at least be greeted at the border for the unpleasant experience of explaining how they were vaccinated, even though it doesn’t. it seems so. And it is very possible that they will be returned from the border.

For example, in Slovenia, citizens must enter a code that confirms the data required to enter these facilities before entering any facility: hotels, shops, shopping malls. Politics forwarded the code yesterday, with a warning sign, to a hotel in Ljubljana, from which came the answer that entry was impossible without a negative proof.

Aleksandar Senicic, the director of “Utah,” said this problem needs to be resolved urgently because no document has been passed that would force citizens to receive the third dose of the vaccine.

“It would be difficult to explain to anyone at the border that this is a valid document. In the EU, a booster dose is not mandatory and Serb citizens who have been vaccinated and revaccinated against kovid 19 should travel freely to countries that recognize the green Even if it is systemic, so determined that they warn that it is time to receive the third vaccine, it should not be indicated so openly in the document that it is a “health passport,” Senicic said.

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