Only for those with a deep pocket: look at the new Orient Express FOTO train

Illustration / Photo: Profimedia

Illustration / Photo: Profimedia

The famous “Venice Simplon Orient Express”, which carries passengers from Venice to London, will face a new rival in 2023 when the “Orient Express La Dolce Vita” embarks on its first voyage.

The new rail service based in Italy (owned by the Accor hotel group) hopes to encourage a “new generation” of passengers to accept the golden age of train travel, as long as they don’t mind paying a higher price.

Unlike Venice-Simplon (run by the luxury train company Belmond) with its instantly recognizable Art Deco design from the 1920s, the La Dolce Vita version will look different: mid-century interiors inspired by curves and colors of the sixties and seventies. Each of the six La Dolce Vita trains, designed by the Dimore studio in Milan, will feature 12 luxury cabins, 18 suites, an honor suite and a dining car, with fine Italian cuisine accompanied by Italian wine.

Guests will enjoy an easy tour of Italy from the northern Alps to the southern beaches, gliding through landscapes, lakes and forests along well-trodden paths and enjoying the art and culture of cities such as Milan, Florence, Venice. and Rome. The Italian program will have options for one to three nights. There will also be three international programs available from Rome to Paris, Istanbul and the second largest Croatian city in Split.

Akor presents the trip as “a new way to experience Italy: an environmentally friendly adventure exploring forgotten streets”, but with tickets costing an average of 2,000 euros per night per person, the adventure will be limited to travelers with very deep pockets.

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