Omicron has 5 symptoms that are different from delta – one manifesting only nine

Symptoms of the omicron variant of the coronavirus appear to differ from previous strains, according to doctors and epidemiologists.

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Although some people report mild reactions to the virus, many have noticed that they are not the same as the Alpha, Beta and Delta strains.

54,661 new cases of kovid have been reported across the UK in the last 24 hours, with 38 people dying after being infected with the virus. Growing concern about the Omicron variant has led to speculation about new restrictions to prevent the new line from being overtaken, reports. mirror.

It is said that someone who has these three traditional symptoms such as: high fever, continuous cough, loss or change in your sense of smell or taste.

But early reports show that omicron has five different symptoms, such as:

– Throat scratching (as opposed to sore throat)
– Dry cough
– Extreme fatigue
– Mild muscle pain
– Night sweats

Ninth sweating has been identified as a different symptom

Dr Andelik Kuci, president of the South African Medical Association and one of the first to suspect the omicron strain, said she had noticed patients at her private clinic showing symptoms different from the delta variant.

Dr. Kuci said he had warned health officials of a “clinical picture that did not correspond to the delta” on Nov. 18, when seven patients showed various symptoms that appeared “closely linked to a normal viral infection.”

She said her patients had symptoms of extreme fatigue, mild muscle pain, sore throat and dry stools.

Unlike previous variants, he added, this does not cause loss of taste and odor.

Night sweats – this is when you sweat so much that your night clothes and bed are wet – have been noticed by doctors in South Africa, where this variant was first discovered.

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