Not only the liver is affected: Alcohol has a very bad effect on another organ

Alcohol is known to have a bad effect on the liver, but it also has a bad effect on the kidneys. The specialist explains how consuming alcohol can damage the kidneys in the long run.

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A Cleveland Clinic nephrologist explains how a habit, or drinking alcohol, can damage the kidneys in the long run, in addition to what you may have learned about the effects of alcohol on the liver.

Dr. Bobart, a nephrologist at a Florida clinic, explained it to us Your liver is not the only organ affected by alcohol when you drink it. Alcohol also affects the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering blood wastes, regulating the balance of water and minerals in the body and producing hormones.

They do some seriously important tasks, don’t they? Well, understand this: The expert explains that drinking five or more drinks in a short period of time can cause alcoholic toxins to “accumulate in the bloodstream so fast that your kidneys cannot maintain the proper balance.”

This can cause something known as “acute kidney injury” and can even lead to chronic kidney disease. The habit of drinking alcohol can double the risk of developing kidney disease over time, the doctor indicates.

Bobart confirms that there is minimal evidence to show that alcohol is directly responsible for kidney stones and kidney pain, what we do know is that alcohol can dehydrate the body, and this can lead to other problems.

“Finally, ‘chronic alcohol use’ may be the cause of liver disease, it may interfere with proper blood flow to the kidneys,” Bobart concluded.

All this should be known, even if our liver may look like a spice, it’s not – but the kidneys also do a lot of important work to detoxify your system when you drink it.

It’s a good memory that while summer is back again this year, keeping your body healthy and balanced is one of the good reasons to keep track of how much you drink.

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