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After nine months of research, court documents, and interviews, Rolling Stone published an article detailing the troubled past of Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson.

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Warner was described as “a person who won women over by flattery and black humor and then exposed them to abuses that included flogging, cutting initials, imprisonment by force, and rape.”

“I woke up when a man who said he loved me raped me while I thought I was still asleep.”

During his decade of career, Warner managed to cover up his many abuses by hiding behind the character of Manson, whom he created and who received the support of the industry because he made money there.

The article also includes statements from his former assistant Ashley Walters, former partners Ashley Morgan Smithline, Sarah McNeely and the actress Esme Bijanko. They all point out that at first he dragged them out of love to get closer to them, and then the abuse followed.

He had something he called “a room for naughty girls,” and it was a closet in which Warner locked them for hours and mentally tortured them. A musician Phoebe Bridges earlier this year accused him of locking her in a part of the house that she called a “rape room” when she was a teenager..

However, the partners were not the only victims. He also harassed band members and drummer Kenneth Wilson ended up in hospital after Warner threw him a microphone stand.

One of her childhood friends, Tim Vaughn, recalls that Warner also abused her mother by yelling at her and chasing her home: “He chased her with a microphone stand. I asked her why she was doing it and I he said, “The bitch always comes in at the wrong time.”

Accumulated accusations: Manson is silent, his lawyer trusts

Many have long believed it was part of his performance, when he spoke openly about enjoying instilling fear in young girls and using intimidation tactics to achieve sexual control.

“We’re very lenient with men like him, especially in the music industry. If you’re not a woman and a misogynist, you’re a rock star? At first we thought it was theatrical, but when it got terrible I knew it. he wasn’t kidding, ”Bijanko said.

Manson enjoys support even today. Kanye West, known today as Je, has included him in his performance, and many continue to publicly support him.

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