More “crying room”, less suicide: men cry too, but “

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Đurić, psychotherapist, told the media that crying is not a sign of weakness, it is a natural reaction.

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Photo: depositphotos / AndrewLozovyi

Photo: depositphotos / AndrewLozovyi

When we have a modern society that interprets it as a weakness, then we all suppress sadness and depression and anxiety, Đurić said.

In Spain, nearly 4,000 people committed suicide last year, and this is the second most common cause of death in that country. After a series of consultations with the most eminent psychiatrists and psychologists, an original and, for now, effective idea was born.

In the center of Madrid, “La Đoreria” was opened – that is, a drawing room, as part of a project whose goal is to emphasize the importance of mental health and end the stigma of going to a psychologist, which is a taboo subject. in many societies.

“Come in and cry,” he says on one of the signs in this special space, and on the other, “I’m anxious too.”

The people of Madrid responded to the call. Initially reserved, but now unprejudiced, they happily visit this room, communicate with others, exchange experiences, socialize and talk with much praise of their “La Gioreria”. When should you cry without hesitation? How liberating is it for our minds and bodies?

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Đurić, a psychotherapist, values ​​the nursing home as a great initiative and believes it is the answer to modern society.

“Tears are ok, they are not a sign of weakness, it is a natural reaction. When we have a modern society that interprets it as weak, then we all suppress sadness and depression and anxiety,” Đurić said.

According to her, a certain type of behavior is favored, the extroverted personality, everything else is considered a weakness, however, as she says, it takes exceptional strength to deal with emotions.

“It’s important that we have social support, that someone understands us and doesn’t condemn us. If we have a group of people who connect in this way, it can be cathartic,” the psychotherapist said.

But, note, crying is not always liberating.

“It’s true that crying relieves stress, physical pain decreases as well, science has shown that. In addition to catharsis, it’s important that we integrate in that moment and take the opportunity to see what happens and solve the problem.” , said Đurić. out of.

She said that during crying, the heart rate decreases, hormones like oxytocin are secreted, which makes us feel better, so crying can be physiologically and psychologically curative.

Answering the question why men cry less, Đurić says there are several reasons for this – one of the reasons is that more testosterone in men has the effect of reducing the need to cry in them. Another reason, he says, is the length of tear ducts, which are significantly longer in men than in women.

As another reason why men cry less, he mentioned social relationships in patriarchal societies where boys learn not to cry, so the pattern is taken by men. Đurić said boys and girls cry equally until puberty.

“Psychotherapy is a safe place where a person can deal with their emotions,” concluded psychotherapist Đurić.

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