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Robert Downey Sr., the father of Robert Downey Jr., died sleeping at his home in New York.

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Robert Downey Sr. he became famous for his roles in the films “Boogie Nights,” “Magnolia” and “To Live and Die in Los Angeles.”

Robert Downey Sr. fought Parkinson’s disease for five years.

In one of the interviews he offered on the occasion of his son’s struggle with opiates, he said: “Life is too easy when you’re a star. People will look to do everything for you and without any questions. Hollywood is a place terrible “. “

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Robert the Elder was born on June 24, 1936 in Manhattan, New York. He took the surname of his stepfather, James Downey, when he enlisted in the army.

Robert Sr. he began writing and directing low-budget films in 1960 that were appreciated in underground circles, namely: “Balls Bluff” in 1961, “Babo 73” in 1964, “Chafed Elbows” in 1966, “No More Excuses” “1968 and” Putney Swope “in 1969.

In the 1970s, Robert Sr.’s most famous films were “Pound” in 1970, as well as “Palace Greaser” in 1972, directing “Sticks and Bones” in 1973 for TV and “Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight.” “in 1975. years.

After the cult hit of the satirical “Putney Swope,” it hit rock bottom when his career collapsed in the 1970s.

“Ten years of cocaine day and night,” he told The Post in 2001. “I didn’t overcome my addiction until ’81, until my late wife gave me an ultimatum. I officially separated in front of my son.” , he said. added in due course.

The most recent film he worked on was 2011’s “Tower Heist,” which also starred Eddie Murphy, Ben Steeler and Casey Affleck. As a director, his last projects were “Hugo Pool” in 1997 and the documentary “Rittenhouse Square” in 2005.

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