Montenegro begins the winter season on December 18

Illustration / Photo: EPA / GIAN EHRENCER

Illustration / Photo: EPA / GIAN EHRENCER

In Montenegro, the winter season begins on December 18, all preparations have been completed and the ski resorts are ready for visitors, said Nataa Pajovi, Deputy Executive Director of Skialit Montenegro.

Preparations for the winter season have been completed in Kolain and Abljak.

In Kolain, a ski resort will be ready for this season, connecting two ski resorts with 45 kilometers of ski slopes, the name of which will be one of the most competitive winter resorts in the region.

Starting this year, the Kolain 1600 ski resort will also offer a strip for beginners.

Montenegro’s ski resorts are constantly working on their promotion, so most guests in the country and region, Albania, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, are expected.

Nataa Pajovi also recalls that Skijalita has signed contracts with Skijaliti of Serbia and the Jahorina Olympic Center, so that all buyers of seasonal ski dogs receive a three-day ski voucher at these centers.

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