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In recent years, waxing has also become increasingly popular among men, not just among athletes who do it to improve performance (e.g., swimmers and cyclists).


Photo: Shutterstock / By Andrey_Popov

Photo: Shutterstock / By Andrey_Popov

For many, waxing has become a matter of personal hygiene, not aesthetics. The back and chest are the most common areas of treatment, but not the only ones. Currently, male hair removal also includes legs, armpits and arms. Men usually decide to have waxing before their holiday, in order to be more attractive on the beach, and often continue with this treatment throughout the year. As the number of women who appreciate a soft male body increases, so are the men who are increasingly invited to beauty salons. For most Reddit men, waxing is gay

“Yesterday, the question about men’s hairdressers disappeared out of nowhere. I recovered after the crash, so I’m interested in what you think?” A user asked a question on Redit.

Only one user had a superfluous response, while the other men on the site were horrified by the hair removal and claimed he was actually gay.

“I personally shave my armpits (it’s easier to control odors), the intimate area is the same, I shaved my back once a long time and now only once in 1.2 years I’m going to keep the state (I don’t do it. I want to be hairy on the beach, in the pool) to talk about it, neither with the computer nor live … .

“It’s all about hygiene,” concluded another Redit user.

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